Tips for Creating a Blog (Website) and Articles that are Seo Friendly

Tips for Creating a Blog (Website) and Articles that are Seo Friendly
Tips for Creating a Blog (Website) and Articles that are Seo Friendly
Tips for Creating a Blog (Website) and Articles that are Seo Friendly. How to make a Seo Friendly Blog (Website) and Articles? It should be understood that what you see on the site is not necessarily what search engines see. You need to make your site search engine friendly. Search engine friendly sites here, means your site contains information & instructions needed by search engines.
What kind of blog (website) is Seo Friendly or Basic Level Search Engine Friendly. Search engines have limited views based on how they crawl sites and interpret content. A web page does not always look the same as you or me in the eyes of a search engine. In this part of the article we will focus on discussing the technical specifications of building (or modifying) website pages. So that your site pages are standardized both from the search engine side and from the visitor side. So that the site built has suitability from various points of view.
Indexing is the process of recording information from your site into a search engine’s database. You have to cooperate with search engines in this case. To be indexed properly by search engines your important content must be in HTML text format. Although there are other ways search engines read information outside of text formats such as: Photo/Image: either gif, jpg, or png or other formats. Make it a habit to add explanatory text to the alt attribute. In Flash content or Java plug-ins: add a textual section after this component. In Video and Audio Content: add information in the transcript section.
Your eyes are different from the eyes of search engines, to be able to find out what search engines see on a site, you need to use search engine glasses. There are many tools for this search engine, such as for example or using
In the article ” How to make a Blog (Website) and Seo Friendly Articles” this will show your perspective and the perspective of search engines in reading information on your site. Search Engine Friendly Sites are indispensable, must be learned and implemented on your site.
Unlike your point of view, this is how search engines view a site. Articles in text form that are more than 300 characters are preferred by search engines, Images will only be read if accompanied by an alt-text attribute, Java and Flash plug-ins will be read if accompanied by additional text, on audio and video formatted content if words or phrases it does need to be indexed by search engines needs to be added to the transcript.
In writing articles, you also have to pay attention to the number of words and the number of keywords that you include in your writing. The more and more in-depth articles you make, the better they will rank later on the Google search engine.
An article that has a large number of words and is in-depth means an article that is not only long in the number of words, but can also discuss the topic of the article completely and thoroughly.
Ideally the number of words in the best and recommended writing for SEO is between 600 to 800 words. But if you want your writing to rank highest in the Google search engine, then you need to write pillar articles. Where the number of words in pillar articles is at least 2000 to 10,000 words.
And you also have to adjust the number of keywords that are included in the article. You can’t just insert random keywords, like Mimin suggested before, you must first observe the right keywords you put in your article.
Thus a brief explanation of the Procedures or Tips for Creating a Blog (Website) and Seo Friendly Articles . May be useful. 
This is information about Tips on Creating a Blog (Website) and Seo Friendly Articles. Hopefully there are benefits. 

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